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It a collection of Avril Lavigne interview video's mostly taken from youtube. Since there are almost hundreds of interviews that Avril lavigne already had, we have selected the most viewed and video's with good quality for your satisfaction. Avril Lavigne interview video collection cover's a variety of topic's and recorded from different point's in time. Our collection started in the year 2005 up to present. But we do promise that we'll keep updating out website and add mode interviews as we discover them.

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Some of our Avril Lavigne interview cover's her hit singles, her latest album, her experiences as an artist, concerts, live shows and many more. Some are highly interesting and awesome while others are not so great but still worth to watch.


So what't the secret of Avril Lavigne? Here are some trivia's regarding Avril, her real name is Avril Ramona Lavige born in Belleville, Ontario on September 27, 1984. Her father Jean-Claude is a French while her mother Judy is a Franco-Ontarian. She started singing while she was still two years old, singing church songs with her mother.


In 1998 she won a singing competition wherein she joined Shania Twain in her first major concert tour. After that she met several people who have proper connections in the music industry to start-off her singing career.


In 2000 she signed a contract with "Artista Records" but the outcome was not that good, Artista and Lavigne had conflicts in regards to her musical direction since she wants to write her own music and not to sing songs written by other writers.


In June 4, 2002 Avril Lavigne debuted her very first album entitled "Let Go" in the United States. The album was a Huge success even in Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Her album was certified four-time platinum making her the best selling artist for the year 2002 at the age of 17. In 2009 the album has already sold 16 Million copies worldwide. Her success didn't stop there she release her second album "Under my skin" on May 25, 2004 and her third album "The Best Damn Thing" on April 17, 2007. And now Avril Lavigne is currently working on her 4th album studio album to be release next year 2010.


If you're a fan or a singer who is just starting out you can know more about avril just by wahtching all Alvril Lavigne Interview. Watching and hearing her first hand is still different from reading. Hope you enjoy our Avril Lavigne interview collection.